Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science

About Us

The Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science (ICAS) at the Department of Earth and Atmospherics Science (EAS) was established in 2003. It leads research, education, and service activities in atmospheric and climate science at the University of Houston (UH).

The institute engages in research of vital interest in the field of atmospheric chemistry and physics including air quality and climate change. This includes measurement and modeling studies tackling complex challenges in atmospheric science over a wide range of different temporal and spatial scales. Modeling efforts address many critical components such as emissions, meteorology, atmospheric chemistry, and climate change. Measurement programs emphasize dynamical, physical, and chemical characterization of the atmosphere. The institute works closely with national, state and local leaders to identify key scenarios to run on modeling systems so that public policy is guided with the best science.

ICAS is committed to the success of its students and is dedicated to cultivating an environment of intellectual growth. It offers MS and PhD degree programs in Atmospheric Science and is currently in the process of implementing a BS degree in Atmospheric Science.

ICAS is entering into a new phase. Over the last years ICAS has been observing an increasing demand in Teaching and Graduate Advising. Its core classes serving the UH undergraduate student population count about 1000 students. It currently has more than 30 PhD students. ICAS is increasing the number of tenure-track faculty from currently 4 to 6 to further expand its portfolio to address new research fields. As part of this process ICAS welcomes Drs. Honghai Zhang and Youtong Zheng. They will work in the fields of “Climate Dynamics & Modeling” and “Tropical Meteorology including Cloud and Precipitation Physics and Chemistry”

Bernhard Rappenglueck, Ph.D.
Professor, Atmospheric Science
Director, Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science (ICAS)