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Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

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     The Atmospheric Sciences Program at UH is only a few years old and we are building a world class foundation that couples measurements and numerical modeling on regional to global scales. Real time data collected through HNet(http://www.hnet.uh.edu/), allows us to study urban emissions, a diverse suite of industrial emissions, and the complex chemistry involving these mixtures mingling with natural terrestrial and marine emissions. We operate a suite of remote sensing instruments situated on campus atop Moody Tower, and some from mobile platforms surveying the local area. Together our faculty, postdoctoral fellows, graduate and undergraduate students form a solid team with diverse experience and knowledge to study important issues impacting planet Earth on various scales.
  Mobile Laboratory
     We operate a mobile laboratory to: (1) quantify emissions from various anthropogenic sources, (2) study tropospheric photochemistry, (3) quantify local to regional contributions to O3 production, and (4) provide a comparison to regional photochemical modeling results. More...
  Ozone Forecast
  Today's ozone forecast